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Why workshop?

We believe passionately that the workshop is the most effective way to achieve transformation in individuals and groups within a short period of time.

The format is participatory; it creates intensity, energy and community among the group, driving you to be more productive. Workshops require bravery – to run them and to participate in them. There’s no hierarchy and nowhere to hide, and a creative leader must be able to survive and thrive in this environment.

We don’t want you to sit back – we want you to lean forward.


Our story

Now more than ever, the ability to generate, execute and gain support for new ideas is critical for senior leaders, regardless of sector.

Creative leadership demands unconventional thinking to come up with novel strategies for growth. Understanding the value of creativity is key, but equally important are the abilities to empower others to adopt similar modes of thinking and behaving, as well as having the vision and energy to enable your organisaton to grasp the creative and commercial opportunities of new technologies.

Making you better at what you do

At Curve, we develop creative leaders who can thrive in times of change and uncertainty – leaders who can build successful teams to gain the competitive edge, leaders who want to pilot new ideas and get to new outcomes quickly.

Through a series of tailored workshops, coaching, facilitated programmes and by designing and managing pilots with the world’s best start-up and production partners, we will help you to develop the personal vision and creative skills that will enable you and your teams to transform your organisation

We like people, we want to help, and we’d love to talk.


What makes a Curve Workshop unique?

We love running workshops. Between us, we’ve delivered over two thousand of them around the world, to leading organisations like NYPD, E.ON, Unilever, HSBC, Virgin Atlantic and AstraZeneca. We’ve seen the dramatic results they can achieve, and along the way, we’ve also learned why they can fail.
Most workshops focus on the output, on the desired change. A Curve workshop is different because we focus on enabling you to bring about that change. We design your workshop around you, prioritising people as well as content. If you believe you can be successful, as an individual and as part of a bigger team, then you are more likely to be successful. Our focus is to show you your own brilliance, and how you can apply it to build and lead brilliant teams.


Our Workshops


The Workshop Workshop

Whether you’re in textiles or technology, a startup, corporate or NGO, workshop facilitation is a key tool for today’s leaders. The successful workshop creates both the collaborative spirit and the commitment needed to turn great ideas into transformational projects.

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Welcome to the A Team

Truly great teams achieve things  that ordinary teams can’t, doing everything quicker and better. They attract the best people because working with them is fun and rewarding.  Teams like these are the organisation’s most valuable assets, but  can take months or years to become great. Some teams fail to reach their potential to to achieve outstanding work, or even worse become toxic, causing talented people to to leave.

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Innovation Ready 

Innovation is critical to any organisation, paving the way for future growth. The ability to uncover insights and conceive of new ideas that can be brought to life, tested, and launched at scale is required by anyone in a leadership position, whether it is labeled as innovation readiness or not.

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Building Brilliant Collaborations 

Every organisation needs to be collaborative; among internal teams and with external partners. Successful collaborations lead to better quality, more original outputs, improved productivity and people enjoying their work. However, collaboration doesn't just happen on its own.

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