Why the workshop is your most powerful tool

Remember, the aim of a workshop is to create the optimum conditions for your team to come up with something new; to bring about change themselves – it isn’t the right format for making decisions, or for manipulating people into reaching a predetermined outcome. 

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John Monks
The ‘Workshop Workshop’ for Young People

By applying the ‘Workshop Workshop’ to these young individuals we hope to develop on their leadership skills; improve their confidence and communication skills, demonstrate effective ways of organisation and planning, and put forward techniques that can help bring clarity to decision making… as well as much more!

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Lizzie Mandeno
The benefit of multilingual teams

The class split into teams to practice using the tool, free to choose any core belief to reframe. A few of the teams chose challenges related to living and studying in a foreign tongue. When they fed back their thoughts and their reframed core beliefs, I was reminded of how powerful this simple tool is, and then genuinely surprised by the positive and creative ideas the teams had come up with. 

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