Working out why things work


Through our work, we’ve seen how Creative Leaders lead brilliant teams, enable breakthrough ideas and create great businesses,  We’re always trying to understand how this happens; what Creative Leaders do and how they do it.  To do that we’re always leading at least one academic study to test hypotheses and come up with new tools.

Collaboration Counts

In 2016 we partnered with Cambridge University, UCL, the Marketing Agencies Association the Guardian and DigitasLBi to conduct research into collaboration.  We noticed what a buzz-word collaboration has become and wanted to understand what makes for better or worse collaborations in terms of commercial impact and client relationships.  Some of the nuance is fascinating.  You can download a summary of the results below.

What makes Creative Leadership?

We’re continuing our Collaboration research into 2018, this time looking more deeply into the leadership behaviours that drive new ideas and lead to commercial success.  We have our academic partners aligned and are looking for organisations to be research subjects. Does your team needs to produce novel, useful ideas to succeed? Do you need to work at pace? Do you find you’re held back or distracted by bureaucracy

What is Innovation Ready?

We’re partnering with  Saeema Ahmed-Kristensan, Dean of the Dyson School of Design EngineeringImperial College London and Made by Many to uncover what leadership behaviours enable teams to get valuable new ideas into the world.

Get involved

Would a team in your organisation be interested in participating in our research?  You’d benefit from:

  • Being a part of truly groundbreaking research with some of the world’s top researchers

  • Access to data to your organisation can use to give you the competitive edge

  • Improved team and organisational performance

  • Great PR

If you’re interested please drop us a line at

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