Say It See It


It’s well known that people process information many times quicker when it’s presented visually rather than with words. More than this, the visual information is better absorbed, understood and recalled.

Having run thousands of workshops we know there’s even more to it than this. Facilitating visually generates many more ideas; it stimulates brilliant creative thinking and the conversation is much less likely to get stuck.

Our visual facilitation workshop will help you to run workshops that weave together many threads of ideas, use powerful metaphors, engage curiosity and boost creativity.


In our half-day pilot session we’ll cover:

Workshop skills:

Using the Curve Canvas to plan a great workshop

How to plan your agenda

Identifying when to use visuals

Visualisation skills:

How to draw for workshops

Using colour and text

Introducing visual workshop tools:

  • Visual agendas

  • mind maps

  • road-maps and more

  • Developing your own icon set

You’ll come away with the ability to plan and deliver your own visual workshop and the confidence to put your new skills into practise.