We always seek to provide practical ways for you to build your creative leadership skills, and when you work with us, you will hopefully come away with all kinds of new tools and techniques to try out on your own. We like using frameworks and canvases to help organise our thinking and we've made some of these available for you to download and share.

The workshop planning canvas

We use this canvas to plan our workshops. It helps to organise our thinking, get clarity on what we want to achieve, and, most importantly, to plan the journey on which we intend to take participants

Design sprint canvas

We use this canvas for rapid ideation. The idea is to capture the essence of an idea, to draw it (that part is important) and to note what value it might create. This is a starting point for getting to a value proposition and a basis for developing hypotheses and designing experiments


We use this canvas to think about your connection to your work, enabling you to think about how to have the maximum impact. It starts with thinking about your thoughts and feelings, and then moves to consider both your team and your organisation